Frequently Asked Questions

photo of a man and woman lying in bed. a man is sleeping, and the woman next to him is covering her ears with a pillow, looking disgruntled

Most snoring is caused by sinus congestion that is in turn caused by dry air, dust, allergens, and germs. Our customers have reported that Navage Nasal Care can help with snoring by flushing the sinuses to remove obstructions and reduce swelling, allowing air to pass freely through the nose.

Here's how Naväge works: Saline enters the nose through one nostril, flows to the back of one side of the nasal cavity, makes a U-turn at the posterior margin of the nasal septum (that's the gap between the rear edge of the nasal septum and the rear wall of the nasal cavity), flows back through the other side of the nasal cavity to the front of the nose, and then out the other nostril. In short, in one nostril, around the back of the nose, and out the other nostril.

Numerous clinical trials indicate that if you irrigate regularly you will rely less on medications, make fewer trips to the doctor, breathe better through your nose, snore less, sleep deeper, and feel and be healthier.

But why not take the Naväge Challenge and find out for yourself? Use Naväge twice a day for two weeks and discover what improved nose-breathing and a clean nose can do for you! Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed by our 30-Day, Zero-Risk Trial, so you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of better breathing to gain!