Frequently Asked Questions Photo of rotating nose pillow on Navage Nose Cleaner

Absolutely! To be clear, The way nasal irrigation works is that the entire nasal cavity is cleansed, flushed, and moisturized during a single irrigation cycle. One side of the nasal cavity is cleaned as the rinse flows into it; the other side as the rinse flows out of it.

The beauty of Naväge is that it's so easy to change the direction of flow, either from left-to-right, or from right-to-left. The nasal dock rotates freely in both directions as shown in the picture below. When you rotate the nasal dock 180 degrees, the saline will flow in the opposite direction. This can make a significant difference with respect to the ease of flow and speed of an irrigation cycle. The direction that works easiest and fastest for you will depend on your own personal nasal anatomy.

We recommend that for best results you change the direction of flow on a regular basis. Even though most users find that Naväge flows faster in one direction than the other, the best practice is to reverse direction every week or so.