Frequently Asked Questions

The Naväge Nose Cleaner is engineered so the “before-rinse” (clean saline) and the “after-rinse” (waste saline) never touch. This makes the risk of spreading germs from one user to another relatively low.

That said, the best practice hygienically is for each user to have his or her own device.

However, if you are intent on sharing a Naväge Nose Cleaner, you can greatly reduce the risk of spreading germs by each user having his or her own Nasal Dock-Nose Pillow Combo. The combo includes a Nasal Dock in your choice of white or teal, and a pair of Nose Pillows in your choice of standard, small, or extra-large. The combo is only $10.95, 27% less than if the items are purchased separately!

For reference, every Naväge Nose Cleaner includes one pair of Standard Nose Pillows which according to a customer survey taken earlier this year will accommodate over 80% of Naväge users. But not all noses are created equal…

Small Nose Pillows are designed for children or individuals with very small noses;

Extra Large Nose Pillows are designed for individuals with extremely large nostrils;

And again, Standard Nose Pillows fit over 80% of Naväge users.