Naväge’s newest Ambassador is Robin Shell who began her powerlifting career in 2016, at the age of 45. She competes with the USAPL and has already set numerous Ohio records in both the Masters 1 and Masters 2 divisions for her weight class. In 2021 she won the National Championships for 63kg, Masters 2. 

We asked Robin about her experience with nasal irrigation and Naväge. Her amazing response speaks for itself! 

“I was suffering from barometric pressure headaches as the result of a deviated septum. I was getting about 4-6 incapacitating headaches per month. It would feel like my brain was sloshing around and I couldn’t think straight. Before Navage I used a Sinus Rinse, which, honestly, felt like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool with water pushing up your nose.

“Navage has been a game changer. I only get headaches maybe once a month, if that, and only when the barometric pressure changes are dramatic. The Navage not only keeps my nose clean, but keeps the swelling down, which I think is what really helps me.

“I use Navage every morning. When I feel one coming on I use Navage a second time and 90% of the time it keeps the headache from forming. The one time I had a cold I used Navage and I feel like my cold wasn’t as bad as it normally is and helped, a bit, with nighttime stuffiness.

“Not to fuel to the fire but my house recently burned down. I didn’t have my Navage for a few days and the headaches instantly started up. Once I was sent a replacement I could breathe easier again. I have been having to go back into my home multiple times a week and after every time I leave the house I wash my nose, just like I wash my hands, and it helps keep the smoke smell at bay.”

We wish Robin the best of luck in her continued quest for Powerlifting glory. And we're thrilled to be a part of the journey!