International Opera Star Raymond Aceto Discusses the Benefits of Naväge Nasal Care

RhinoSystems, Inc, October 10, 2016

“Nasal irrigaiton is something we’ve used for many years as singers–whether it be a squeeze bottle of saline mist or, in recent years, the neti pot has become popular.

“As opera singers we’re not in the same state, same city, same house, 365. And as you move around the world, your body is subject to whatever allergens, pollutants, dirt, dust, or mold that is in the atmosphere — and your body may react to that. One time asked a doctor with the neti pot versus a spray bottle is it better to use the spray bottle and push the pollutants back or is better to use a neti pot and try to get them to come forward. He said that’s a very good question.

“Well, the great thing about the Naväge is that it goes in, gets what it has to get, and brings it right back out

“After using it for the first time I could just sense it in my speaking voice. It was a new tool and it was an awesome experience to just to use it. It felt like really for the first time everything was clean, everything was moistened…and it was a sensation that I felt for the first time all summer.

“I think non-opera singers will find this to be such a benefit for them simply because they will get relief from those allergens, and pollutants, and dust, and mold and whatever it is bothering them. For singers, we are 1000% more sensitive to everything that is going on in our head, and our sinuses and our throat…and I think it will be a revelation for us.

“I can’t wait to go on an international flight, after 10, 8 or 16 hours on a recirculated airplane, and get to my hotel room and fire up the Naväge for the first time. It’s going to be pretty cool.”