Actor / Singer Marcus Nance Discusses the Benefits of Naväge

Stratford, Ontario, May 29, 2017

Marcus Nance is equally at home in theatre, opera, concert, and cabaret. The New York Times described him as “a thrillingly powerful bass-baritone”, while Backstage New York says he “has a bass that flows like melted butter”. As a performer, Marcus understands the importance of nasal irrigation, and he is a regular user of Naväge Nasal Care.

"My life has changed greatly since I started using Naväge. We’re not allowed to miss shows! Getting sick is a no-no, so this has really changed my life. I used to use the squeeze bottles and a teacup with salt, but those are a little harsh. The thing I like about Naväge is that it’s gentle and it sort of gives you a massage feeling. 

"I use it two to three times a day...every morning, sometimes in the afternoon if I have a second show, and sometimes before I go to bed because I wake up fresher. It’s great thing. Not only does it clear me out, but amazingly, it also seems to relax the muscles around my sinuses. Very, very cool! This is SO important for singers. I’m going to keep sharing my experience with friends in theatre and opera. Thanks so much!"