Yes, real allergy congestion relief.

Five Tips for Allergy Sufferers

"NOTHING works like Naväge!"

—Andrew, Naväge customer

This Nasal Care System Relieves Allergy Congestion.

We designed Naväge to be the go-to device for allergy congestion relief.

We know the frustration of being clogged.

It took us years to perfect a nasal care system that sucks out congestion fast.

We wanted to help anyone overwhelmed by the never-ending cycle of taking allergy decongestant drugs.

Our SaltPod capsules are a scientifically formulated saline concentrate so there is no more measuring salt or mess. We even added a eucalyptus version to give you the option of an exhilarating sensation that cools and refreshes.

And of course, Naväge had to be convenient—flushing out allergens to keep you breathing easier, in and out of allergy season. 

Now, we’re thrilled so many people are loving it.